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CapCut App – Best Mobile Editing App?

What exactly is CapCut? CapCut is an editing app that allows you to edit your video directly from your phone. If you have been living under a rock, editing can be as easy as drag and drop. No longer where it requires specific skills to edit your videos.

CapCut App

CapCut is 100% free with no watermark and has some excellent features! It has built-in stickers and filters that are well and good. CupCut can provide multiple layers when editing your video compare to other video editing app. We have tested it, and so far, we only used 5 layers which are more than enough. CapCut does have some handy filters with the camcorder and 90’s effects built into the app. The transitions are actually surprisingly un-cheesy.

Every good app has its downside, and we found out that the volume adjustment is a little bit off. The volume difference between 0 and 1 is enormous. We wanted to adjust the volume much lower than 1 but unable to since volume 0 would mute the entire clip. The slow-down effects are not that good as it maintains the clip frame rate no matter if you shoot at 60fps or 24 fps. We have an issue of the app kicking you for no reason even though our phone has 8gig Ram. The developer did mention that it might be due to incompatible model.

CapCut App

TikTok-ers mostly use CapCut (Do they call themselves that?). We were surprised at the creativity of these content creators on how they utilize the app. We didn’t know that you can actually speed ram on the video until we saw one of the creators show the tutorial. Guess we have a lot to learn. If you want a free but has its premium features, we would highly suggest CapCutfor your mobile editing tool.


Ease Of Use
Advance Use


CapCut is great for a novice editor, especially if you want to edit your videos on TikTok. I have seen a few people actually able to create a movie trailer out of CapCut, so creating content is just the creativity of your mind.

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