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Boltune Wireless Earbuds The Best Right Now?

Boltune Wireless Earbuds The Best Right Now? As a consumer, you would know how expensive it is to use wireless earbuds since they cost a lot more than wired buds. Wireless earbuds are the future of private media consumption. Today we are in the transition period of going from wired earbuds to wireless options.

The wireless earbud industry has just started to pick up steam and catch up to the high demand from consumers. As more and more options become available, more people are switching to wireless earbuds every day. Presently, many people face problems in the budget market for wireless devices. They are:

  • Lack of noise-cancelling features
  • Audio-video sound delay
  • Weak integrated systems in wireless buds that reduce sound quality.
  • Low range
Boltune Wireless Earbuds

These are some of the basic features that are lacking in the present budget market for quality wireless earbuds. Such features are found only in premium wireless earbuds which cost 3 to 4 times more and are inaccessible for many people. However, there is a company by the name of Boltune that produces quality budget earbuds that contain the basic features that make them an excellent product. Boltune is one of the best companies that has gained respect in the design and manufacturing of wireless earbuds with premium features for low prices.

Its introductory wireless earbud model known as the Boltune Wireless Earbuds is a popular option among the consumer base. The earbuds have of all the features that a consumer desires from wireless earbuds and much more – all at an affordable price. Let’s look at some of the factors that make Boltune earbuds stand out in detail:

Active and passive noise cancellation

Noise cancellation is the primary selling point of any wireless earbuds. It is a premium feature that the company has implemented in its Boltune earbuds design.

Boltune Wireless Earbuds

Passive seal

Passive noise cancellation can be found in almost any wireless earbuds. The silicon tips of the earbuds are responsible for the passive noise cancellation feature. These tips seal the ear canal and prevent external noise from entering your ear. This way you only hear what is coming through your earbud and block out the noise from your surroundings.

The only issue with passive noise cancellation is that it does not block all the noise from your surroundings. Instead, some noise can get through the silicon seal and ruin your experience.

Active seal

Active noise cancellation refers to an integrated system within your earbud that actively analyzes your surroundings and removes the sound that leaks in from the passive seal. This is done using an electronic system that is embedded within the earbud.

The only way to truly drown out all external sound is to implement both active and passive noise cancellation. Each system complements the other and helps completely prevents external noise from your surroundings from reaching your ear.

Boltune has implemented both silicon seals as well as active systems for draining all external noise from your experience. Most companies that develop premium earbuds do not include passive cancellation as they believe it is not effective. Always remember that active noise cancellation only works if you can seal your ear using the passive method of silicon tips for your ear canal.

Boltune Wireless Earbuds

Water resistance

Boltune earbuds have been rated as IPX8 waterproof buds with enhanced connection apparatus. Wireless earbuds are useless if they do not have an IP water-resistance rating. Waterproof features are necessary for wireless buds since this category of earbuds are typically used by consumers when they are jogging or exercising.

When performing such activities, our bodies produce a lot of liquid in the form of sweat. Sweat can ruin your wireless earbuds since liquids can short circuit the internal electronic circuit. A water-resistance rating refers to a waterproof sealant that is applied to the openings of the earbud to ensure that external liquids do not enter the earbud and ruin it.

Another reason why IP ratings are important for water and sweat resistance is that liquids can distort the connection between your device and your earbuds. Distortion in your connection can lead to distortion in your audio as well which is extremely undesirable.

Product specifications

  • Active noise cancellation for clear audio.
  • Advanced sound-reduction system to ensure smooth conversations for you and the person you are talking to.
  • Enhanced deep bass for clear and realistic audio for listening to music and watching movies.
  • 4 mics with 2 per earbud for picking up maximum sound when you talk so that your words are heard clearly by your device or laptop.
  • Touch and control interface system for controlling your audio settings such as volume, noise cancellation etc. This also includes a pause /play system making it easier to control which audio you want to listen to without having to go to your device to do so.
  • It has a one-step pairing system which is a convenient feature for consumers who want premium features in their products for low prices.
  • It includes differently sized tips to cater to consumers with different ear sizes. The Boltune earbuds consist of multiple silicon tips that can be interchanged according to the customer’s preference.
  • It has a respectable IPX8 water-resistance rating. This expands the usability of the earbuds for many people who exercise daily or perform physically demanding tasks every day.
  • It has a charging case that can charge the earbuds quickly. The case itself can be charged using a type-c connector.


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Boltune Earbuds have been rated very well by customers. The active noise cancellation feature has been reviewed by customers as one of the best value wireless earbuds features. Customers who are new to the Boltune brand have also reviewed the wireless earbuds as an amazing and excellent product that consists of multiple features including some that are not found in some premium brands. However, some consumers complain about the low charging capacity of the charging case. This is something that can and should be improved in future models. That being said, Boltune has impressively designed its wireless earbuds by packing in multiple premium features. This pro-consumer move is an amazing step taken by Boltune and they can build on this reputation further by making even better products.

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